Choosing to prioritise your own self-care


It was April 2017, my youngest son William (aka Billy) was three months old. I was no longer running off the adrenaline and hormones that a new baby brings. I was living off broken sleep gifted to me by 3 hourly feeds. Unlike the early months after the birth of my first son Thomas, I could not sleep when he had his 3 hour sleeps. Billy instead prefers to take a much different approach and opt for a 30-minute cat nap. Sadly, even on the occasions that he does mix it up with a longer sleep, this cannot be a time for rest as I am entertaining a 3-year-old whilst trying to explain the foreign concept of “being quiet” whilst his baby brother sleeps. To top it off I was in the early stages of developing Mums Who Wine, so this would also take up a lot of my “spare time” when the boys were entertained.


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Inner West Mums Who Wine

It was September 2015, my husband Mark and I and our 18-month-old son Thomas had just relocated from the Mornington Peninsula to Inner West Melbourne. After making a decision to return to full time work, I knew this would have to come with a change of lifestyle to ensure that I had more time to spend with my family. The most obvious decision was to move closer to the city, to save on 3 hours of travel time. Driven by spontaneity (and a 45 day settlement of our house), we elected to move to Newport, a suburb which we had never heard of, knew nothing about except that it was a “nice suburb 15 minutes from the city.”

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