Slow the heck down!

MY 48 HOUR LIFE LESSON!  This weekend I had a 48 hour period that has honestly caused me to stop dead in my tracks and scare the pants off me. I share this because I know that I am not the only mum going through this. So here is an insight and I will take it from there… 


“I’m a third time mum, I’ve got this”. It was June 2020 and I was sitting in my hospital bed after having my third baby. A lactation consultant knocked on the door and asked if I needed any help with feeding, to which I smiled politely and responded “I am a third time mum, I’ve got this”.  Fast forward to two weeks later of me sitting on the couch crying hysterically because guess what? I most certainly did not have this.  After having breastfed both of my boys with no real issue (except those first few days where you completely forget how the pain of the latch! Ouch!) I expected this baby to be exactly the same. In fact, truth be told – I expected it to be so much easier because I was a third time mum and “I’ve got this”. 

Baby during Lockdown

In June 2020 I gave birth during a global pandemic. My story is not unlike the thousands of mums across the world who have had a baby during this time. It is not unlike every other mother who did not sign up for this when they planned (or perhaps didn’t plan) to have a baby in 2020. It is not what I expected and I am here to say that it has been hard and more  importantly, it is ok to admit that.      [more...]

Say no to Mummy Guilt

It was Wednesday afternoon and I was picking up my eldest son Thomas from daycare. As I was organising his bag, ready to take him home, his kinder teacher came up to me and said “I am sorry to say but Thomas was playing very rough today”. I was instantly shocked as Thomas is the most placid, kind natured little human I know. She went on to explain how he had acted and the events that had taken place. I stood there in disbelief and was absolutely mortified.     [more....]

"Just Quit"

It was November 2017, I had just worked a 14-hour day, I had not seen my two boys and I came home stressed, exhausted with my cup absolutely depleted. I kissed hubby hello and then immediately grabbed the computer to start doing work on Mums Who Wine. As I picked up the computer, my husband said something to me (I still don’t remember to this day) and I immediately snapped shouting “do you have any idea how much pressure I am under?!!!” It was at that point that he sat me down and said two words that changed my life. Very calmly, yet very profoundly he said “Just Quit”.     [more...]

Choosing to prioritise your own self-care

It was April 2017, my youngest son William (aka Billy) was three months old. I was no longer running off the adrenaline and hormones that a new baby brings. I was living off broken sleep gifted to me by 3 hourly feeds. Unlike the early months after the birth of my first son Thomas, I could not sleep when he had his 3 hour sleeps. Billy instead prefers to take a much different approach and opt for a 30-minute cat nap.      [more...]

Inner West Mums Who Wine

It was September 2015, my husband Mark and I and our 18-month-old son Thomas had just relocated from the Mornington Peninsula to Inner West Melbourne. After making a decision to return to full time work, I knew this would have to come with a change of lifestyle to ensure that I had more time to spend with my family. The most obvious decision was to move closer to the city, to save on 3 hours of travel time. Driven by spontaneity (and a 45 day settlement of our house), we elected to move to Newport, a suburb which we had never heard of, knew nothing about except that it was a “nice suburb 15 minutes from the city.”     [more...]

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