A fund created to support our mission to “empower mothers, build community and change lives”. 

From 1 March 2022 $10 from every Mums Who Wine Membership will be donated into our own MWW Community Fund with the purpose of serving and supporting mums in our community.




The best part about sowing back into our own community, is that we know our mums and we know where the need is. By using the funds to support our own community, this means that the opportunities are absolutely endless. Examples may include:

  • Covering the cost of both a ticket to our event AND babysitter for one of our single mums to enjoy a night out to fill her cup;
  • Organising a house cleaner for a mum who is going through a difficult time and is feeling overwhelmed;
  • Stocking the fridge of a mum who just lost her job;
  • Paying for mums in our community with special needs children to attend our events or even better – one of our #selfcaresaves retreats so they have time to recharge;
  • Sending surprise packages to mums in our community who may just need a little extra love.

And the list goes on. We are so excited at the opportunities, but more importantly the impact that we can have with our MWW Community Fund.

This is what is so exciting – it is not just us that will be deciding but you can be involved too!

If you know a mum who needs some love, support or even just a small pick me up – then you can nominate her and tell us how you think we can support her.

From 2017 – 2021, Mums Who Wine was a proud supporter of PANDA and raised over $40,000 to help their mission to raise awareness and reduce stigma associated with perinatal anxiety and depression.

As a tribe of mothers, we have loved supporting PANDA, however as Mums Who Wine has evolved we recognise that we our community is not just new mums – but mums ranging from first time mums to grandmothers and everything in between! For this reason, we really felt to create something that could support all of our community,  no matter what stage of motherhood they are at.

By having our own fund it means we can best serve the needs of our community and support our mums in a whole new way, which makes us incredibly excited.

Yes, absolutely. Where possible (subject to the consent from our mums of course) we will definitely share testimonials and updates on the feel good stories of our community fund. We view this fund as something that we are doing together as a tribe and community, so we want you to be a part of the feel good and inspiring stories of how your $69 membership has changed the life of another mum. 

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