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Our mission at Mums Who Wine is create an avenue for mums to "fill their cup" and invest in their own self care. In order to do this we are focussed on ensuring that every one of our members receives VIP treatment, whenever they use their membership. 

Mums Who Wine is not a "discount" scheme, but a "VIP Benefit Program". Every one of our 200+ National Affiliates is hand selected by Lauren personally or members of the team based on their own amazing experience. The absolute focus is on the mum and their experience. We know what a difficult task it can be for mums to have "me" time away from their families, so we are passionately dedicated to ensuring that when they make the decision to invest in their own self care, they receive nothing but the best!

The stand out feature of a Mums Who Wine Membership is that our members have access to ALL of our affiliates, in all areas and receive VIP benefits ON EVERY VISIT. We are regularly adding more affiliates to each of our current areas and constantly expanding to new areas. For just $59 per year you can have access to all of these benefits and more!


Flash your Membership Keyring to receive VIP treatment whereever you go, on EVERY VISIT!


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For just $59 per year you can have access to all of these benefits and more!

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