Once I am approved - what is the next step?

When your application is approved, we will send you a pack with everything you need to promote that you support our mumma tribe. This includes information for your team, promotional material to present in store and a sticker for your window. It is the expectation that all staff are well versed with our partnership and offering to ensure that our members will always be guaranteed a VIP experience and feel comfortable and confident In using their membership. 

If you are not already, it is requirement that you follow Mums Who Wine on our social channels so as an Affiliate you can stay updated and get behind our tribe and our #selfcaresaves message. We will also provide social media assets that you can post to share that you are an Affiliate. The Affiliates that receive the most uptake from our members are those that advertise they are an Affiliate as mums will choose their venue or business over others, if they are reminded or prompted.

We strongly encourage all Affiliates to use these promotional tools as it is the best way to let everyone know you are supporting not only Mums Who Wine, PANDA, but most importantly the local mums in your community. 

Mums Who Wine