#selfcaresaves CAMPAIGN 

In November 2018, Mums Who Wine launched a National Campaign to raise $10,000 in 30 days for PANDA. This was to support Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week.

Through this campaign, Mums Who Wine created tanks and t-shirts with the hashtag #selfcaresaves and sold these for 30 days with 100% of proceeds being donated to PANDA.

The primary focus of this campaign was to raise $10,000 for PANDA, however it was also focused on raising awareness about the importance of self care and spreading a positive message. Every woman that purchased a tank or tee was encouraged to take a photo of themselves and share why they believe that #selfcaresaves.

In 30 days not only did Mums Who Wine raise $12,120 for PANDA, but the #selfcaresaves message went global with mums all around the world purchasing these tanks and tees and sharing this powerful message on social media.

We are excited to announce that we will continue this campaign to help raise money and awareness about the importance of self care. Simply purchase one of our #selfcaresaves tanks and from March 2019 we will donate 20% of all proceeds from every sale to PANDA.

Mums Who Wine