#selfcaresaves: Let’s Get Real Campaign 

In November 2018, Mums Who Wine launched a Global #Selfcaresaves Campaign which raised $12,120 for PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) in just 30 days!!

To support 2019 PANDA week, we are officially launching our #Selfcaresaves 2019 “Let’s Get Real Campaign” in which we will be donating $10 from every #selfcaresaves tee/tank and Mums Who Wine Membership and $15 from every #Selfcaresaves Membership Pack!!


The focus of this campaign is to support PANDA by raising money and awareness about Perinatal Anxiety and Depression and the importance of self care. We believe that by spreading our #selfcaresaves message, a powerful and positive message, that we can change the world – even if it is the life of just one mum.

We cannot do this alone – so we invite you to help us spread this message and support mothers and fathers across Australia by purchasing a Tee/Tank, Membership or Membership Pack today!

Mums Who Wine