Why wine means good times for mums

Bendigo mothers encouraged to practise self-care

Lauren Oliver, who founded Mums Who Wine, said the event not only helps mothers unwind from their busy schedules, it also starts important conversations around mental health. 

"Things like post natal depression are very common," Ms Oliver said. "But there's a lot of stigma around it when you're a mum because it should be this amazing time in your life."

Mums Who Wine to launch in Ballarat later this year

Mums Who Wine, founded by Melbourne mum Lauren Oliver, was created as a way to address the isolation new mums often experience through regular social events.

A pop-up event was first hosted for 150 Ballarat mums back in May, with an overwhelming response meaning many could not secure tickets.

Ballarat mums fill their cups

By Hayley Elg

Event founder Lauren Oliver said the Mums Who Wine events encouraged connection within communities.

"I started this because I wanted to make one friend. Motherhood can be very isolating even if you've got a good support network. For me, I was working full time as a lawyer and then went to being at home with a baby and not having any real social interaction - it was hard."

It was standing room only at Mitchell Harris wines as 150 Ballarat mums attended the city's first Mums Who Wine social event on Friday, May 24.

Mums Who Wine