Lauren Oliver | CEO

Lauren Oliver is the Founder/CEO of Mums Who Wine, mother of three, vino enthusiast and self care advocate.

Prior to launching Mums Who Wine, Lauren spent 10 years working as a Senior Insurance lawyer at a top tier International Law Firm in their Melbourne Office. Lauren worked in their Workcover Division, specialised in Psychiatric Injury Claims. She managed both Commonwealth and State compensation portfolios for a range of different clients across Australia including Worksafe, Telstra and National Australia Bank.

After experiencing the loneliness of motherhood in her own life, Lauren has made it her life’s mission to help and support mothers improve their mental health and “find their tribe”. She believes in the power of developing deep and authentic relationships (in her words “I don’t have time to talk about the weather”) and the impact this can have in overcoming loneliness in our society. 

After launching Mums Who Wine in July 2017, Lauren took a “leap of faith” in December 2017 and quit her legal career to focus on building Mums Who Wine after she witnessed the impact of what she had created, but more importantly the need. To this day she can attest to the fact that this decision was the most frightening yet easily the best decision she has ever made.  

Lauren is committed to spreading her #selfcaresaves message across the world and embraces every opportunity to share this whether this be at a Mums Who Wine event, conferences, social media or with just one mum over a cuppa. If you have heard Lauren speak you will often hear her refer to her commitment to the “the one” and if she can change the life of just one mum, then her mission is complete. 

Outside of Mums Who Wine you will find Lauren “filling her cup” at the local coffee shop or wine bar (depending on the time of day) with her girlfriends, trying to wrangle 3 kids in Kmart or watching old 1980s WWF wrestling reruns. 

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