Bendigo mothers encouraged to practise self-care

Lauren Oliver, who founded Mums Who Wine, said the event not only helps mothers unwind from their busy schedules, it also starts important conversations around mental health. 

"Things like post natal depression are very common," Ms Oliver said. "But there's a lot of stigma around it when you're a mum because it should be this amazing time in your life."

Ms Oliver started the Mums Who Wine initiative in 2015 when she moved to a new area.

"I was working full time as a lawyer and I didn't know anyone," she said. "I was pretty isolated and I wanted to make some mum friends. So I put a call out to a Mums and Bubs Facebook group, asking if anyone wanted to grab a wine. It slowly grew from there. I realised I wasn't the only mum who was seeking a connection. I think we really hit a niche and a need in the market."

At least 5 per cent of all ticket sales from the events go to the organisation Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia - or PANDA.

"PANDA is just incredible," Ms Oliver said. "I have had countless mums who have gone and sought help after reading one of our posts or attending one of our events.

"The more we can do to support PANDA and share self care the better."

Mums Who Wine has held a number of events across Australia and New Zealand, with the initiative heading to Bendigo later this month.

But with that night already sold out, Ms Oliver said she was hoping to expand the initiative in the city in the future.

"It sold out so quickly, so it does show there is a real interest and need," Ms Oliver said. "We already have had so many business jump on board with donations. We're really excited and passionate about building that connection. So we're hoping to expand from a pop up event to a monthly night out from December. People think it's a boozy mums club but it's far from that. It's just about creating a space where mums can come and be real and invest time into themselves."

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Originally published in the Bendigo Advertiser on August 5 2019

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